Who we are

We have lots of wonderful people to thank for helping on investigations.  
These are the main players!
Lisa Maria Lanno - Psychic Spirit Medium & Founder

Lisa is a full-time Psychic Medium, bringing her abilities to the team.
GONE was founded quite by accident with her daughter, Valerie,
when Lisa's client had a problem (read story)
Working professionally in this field, Lisa did not know she could
speak with the dead until her mid 50's.
More Info:
Valerie Jae - Co-Founder
Lisa's Youngest  Daughter

Valerie brings her technical abilities with the equipment to the team.  
She is very practical, organized & a wonderful director, working with
audio & video as a specialty, founding GONE with mom, Lisa in 2009

Walt brings his calming ways to the team, along with practical
knowledge & a degree in Psychology.  He is analytical & figures
things out.  He's our "nice guy" & our "voice of reason".

Charlene is reliable & detailed, which we need!  When something
needs to get done, she'll do it.  Another very practical lady, who can
figure things out.  Charlene is lovingly nick-named "ghost bait".  
Whenever we want one to come, we just put Charlene there &
"poof", we get them!  Easier to pass them over this way!

"No nonsense" Wayne will get right to the job and get it done.  He
brings his knowledge of structure to the team and will know when
something is "normal" rather than "paranormal".  He is the King of
Genevieve Michelle - Consultant
Lisa's Eldest Daughter

Genevieve keeps track of the Dallas investigations.  She has
amazing intuition & helps mom, Lisa to "tune in", picking up names
and situations from our "ghostly visitors".