About Lisa
Lisa M Lanno
Intuitive Spirit Medium
Lisa works as an Intuitive Spirit Medium &
Paranormal Researcher

She is also a Handwriting Analyst and the Author of the
Children's Mystery/Adventure Novel,
"The Secret Cave"

Lisa was born in Boston MA to first generation Italian parents in
1954.  She has been involved in the Paranormal field since her
teens, although her abilities as a Spirit Medium did not surface
until age 54.

As a teen, Lisa would "tell" friends what their homes looked like
without ever being there, not realizing she was utilizing an ability
called "Remote Viewing".  She would also read Tarot cards for
friends and later, the friends of her children.

Lisa has the ability to speak with those who have passed
(including pets) & receive messages from the “Other Side”.  This
ability came on suddenly due to the tragic death of  her oldest
daughter's best friend.

She will see, hear, feel, smell and sense on a psychic level,
giving people the validations they need to then receive the
messages.  Animals do communicate, and although they don’t
actually speak, Lisa can sense what they are trying to tell us
(also with foreign languages).

Although her parents were born at the turn of the century, they were
understanding, yet would have had no idea how to guide her in this
field.  She is happy that her abilities didn't emerge until later.

Lisa grew up in Revere, MA & her families are from Naples &
Tuscany, Italy.
She lived in Hawaii for a time with her late husband, Frank & that is
where the children were born. (No, they are not military)

Lisa has three grown children and two grandsons.
Her passion is animals.  She has dogs, a cat & works diligently with
No-Kill animal rescues and much more, helping with fundraising.

She is a "homebody" and enjoys cooking and values time with her
family.  Writing is another favorite and she is working on two books -
one is fiction, the other is non-fiction.
Although quite the homebody, Lisa is known for her music and
despite being born in the 50's, loves 80's rock & today's metal.

She has a fascination with history, including all ancient civilizations &
is especially interested in WW11, with her father being a proud
veteran who helped to liberate a large concentration camp.
Near Future

Lisa wants to help enlighten people about how to tap into their own
intuitive abilities & do as much for themselves as possible.
She is also trained in motivational speaking & would like to help
people, young & old alike, to "never give up" on dreams.
Workshops are in the making...
She has a children's book she has JUST started to help the
very young to deal with death, in an animated, gentle way.