Lisa's Books
The Secret Cave
Juvenile Fiction, Novel,
8-12 yrs

This 84 page "chapter book" came about by a combination of the antics of my three
children and a trip to Disney World, enjoying the "Pirates" ride.
In case anyone thinks I stole the idea from the famous Pirates of the Caribbean
Movies; my children as of 2020 are ages 40, 38 and 36... long before Johnny Depp
became Jack Sparrow

This real life type adventure stars Genevieve, Joseph & Valerie, my kids and an
adventure while on vacation with another family.  All the characters are real & Joey
a/k/a "Ronnie" is still my sons best friend!  

Kids will be kids?  True!  The two boys embark on their own adventure, all by
themselves.  Of course, the girls want to know what the boys are up to... the rest is a
big mystery.  A mystery that they will all need to pull together to solve.  

Hidden educational elements

Each chapter ends with a "Stop & Think" section.  This gives the reader an opportunity to
think for themselves as to how they see things, what they would do if THEY were the Author.
I'm not trying to make them "guess" what I wrote, but rather use their imaginations.  
Perhaps their book would be a sci-fy, a fantasy, a scary book, aliens, monsters & more

There are
Bold Italicized words throughout, creating a Vocabulary section, which can be
looked up in the back of the book.


Earlier Readers:  Ask the child to give the definition.
Mid Level - Ask the child to give the definition & spell the word.
Advanced Readers:  Ask the child to give the definition, spell the word & use it in a sentence.