Dark Manor, Baltic CT
(A Haunted Halloween attraction that is REALLY haunted.
Pics taken in succession just after & during K2 lighting up numerous times.
Some evidence is posted here, but there is
MUCH MORE coming!
L-R (Top) - K-2 lighting up - - Something following us - - Still following
L-R (Bottom) - After K2 light up, something standing there - - K2 going crazy, asked for "kids" - - Something
over my head.   For more, please see:
Colt Firearms, Hartford, CT, 2013

The abandoned buildings (now built up) at Colt had a lot to offer.  There are many
earthbound ghosts in there.
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Norcross House - E.
Longmeadow, MA  - Carriage
House, 2013
Clapp Memorial Library
Belchertown, MA, 2011
The Librarian verified that there was NOTHING
in, near, or on the books and that it indeed was
a face.
Work in progress - more to come soon!!