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GONE Paranormal - Ghosts of the North East
Our Beginning

GONE was founded by "me", Lisa Lanno, in 2009, quite by accident.
A client came for a reading. After connecting, I sensed a younger male hiding in the
basement & described a much older gent reaching his hand, but the younger didn't see him
She knew who they were & we concluded the younger was a ghost.  My daughter, Valerie & I
went to the house, not knowing WHAT we were doing.  We all held hands & asked him to go.
After, I kept smelling Pizza? I told the client & she said it was his favorite thing in the world.
He let us know where he was (client validated) & his sign to her would be pizza smell

Valerie & I left quite satisfied...that's how GONE came about.  
We now deal with any & all sorts of hauntings; in homes, businesses and anyone that needs
help with the paranormal.  
YES, the does at times include mean ghosts and "in-human"
entities, never to be taken lightly.
Above - Wayne, Walt, "Me", Charlene
Right-Wayne: "Get close everyone.  Closer...closer...(Walt feels hand on rear end & NOT a ghost.  
Group crack up
Our Mission

Of course, as a Ghost Hunter, it's cool to get great evidence. It's a thrill for us.  However, there IS a more serious side. Our motto is
to help both "
The living & the Deceased be at Peace".
Residential homes are JUST AS IMPORTANT as any large, "haunted" facility. If there are Ghosts who may need help, we will try. This,
in turn, helps the living with the fear of a haunting.
For our help:
Email us: Subj, GONE or Ghosts
Straight out of Ed & Lorraine Warren's museum.
Shadow Doll, the "Real" Annabelle &
mirror from "The Conjuring".
Got to meet Mrs Warren who said "The Conjuring
was 88% accurate". Also said the ONE place she'd
never go back to for 10 Million $$ was
The Amityville House
BEFORE Renovations
This was seriously haunted!

Up L - Corridor to NOWHERE
Up R - Creepy, long corridor
Bot L- Someone/thing unfriendly
behind door in that room!
Bot R - Ice we dealt with in END
January, investigating
End pic - Tower-5 flights up...we
froze our butts off!
Witch City - SALEM Massachusetts, USA. Griffen Theater (Now Gallows Hill Theater)
L to R - Haunted chair; ghost sitting there! More chair evidence! Basement-K2 sensing presence.
Inside the theater. Amy, Char, "me", getting more evidence!