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Lisa M Lanno
Intuitive Spirit Medium
Founded by Lisa Lanno &
daughter, Valerie Jae
"We take a scientific & spiritual
approach to your needs & will help
with your ghostly visitors."
GHOST HUNTERS - Yes we are.  
We work with individuals & families and also investigate some very
haunted locations.

We will come in with the usual array of gadgets, cameras and recorders to
prove or disprove the existence of paranormal activity.  I will also use my
abilities as a Medium to communicate with the ghost and see what
he/she/they want or need to hopefully, cross over.**

We will come as a small or large team, depending on your needs.  You need
not vacate your home.  We'd much rather you stay and participate with us.

Although there is no fee for this service, please keep in mind that we travel
long distances at times and appreciate any donations for gas and/or food.  

**You do NOT need to be a Medium or Psychic to be able to feel, hear,
see, or communicate with a ghost.  It is completely different from what I do
when I speak to those on the Other Side.
People on the Other Side are in another dimension.
People who are deceased, but have not crossed over are here in our
dimension, which is why it becomes so creepy.   

For help, please Email: GONEparanormal@yahoo.com

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I personally have some great "ghostly" photos and EVPs on this site, with video to
come shortly!  

There is no advertising on this site.  My daughter, Valerie and I are two of the
four site-owners.  Your personal information is only known to the web master.
GONE Investigations
Here are a few of the places we have had the creepy pleasure of

Colt Firearms Building - Hartford, CT - January, 2013

Griffen Theater - Salem, MA
Although a tourist attraction, this place has it's resident ghosts.
Top L-R Investigating w/Carl, Stairway to Dome, the
"Ice" Room, (abandoned & flooded with ice),
Bottom L-R: View from Dome, The Dome, "strange"
(Obviously, the "orbs" are dust, but the circled
masses appeared throughout the investigation.  The
small one looks like a face.
More ghostly photos on
308am.com (info below)
Griffen Theater (formerly The Witches Cottage,
A happy ghost who sits in the chair and one in
the basement who wants to take our
investigator "with him"...creepy!
GONE Paranormal
Paranormal Bounty Hunters