Readings by Lisa
Lisa M Lanno
Intuitive Spirit Medium
Lisa is available for:
Private & Semi-Private Readings
Mediumship, Intuitive/Tarot, Email Tarot & Handwriting
Analysis.  Past life regressions & Connections with Spirit Guides
are also offered, as well as "Pet Connections"

Private - 1 Person  -  Semi-Private - 2 - 4 *
In-person (S. Hadley, MA location), Phone, Skype
If your group is more than 4, please email

*Mediumship - Connect with loved ones who have passed (including
pets).  Hear validations & receive their messages.

Intuitive/Psychic - with and/or without Tarot Cards
Ask about your Life Path: Money, Love, Family, Direction, etc.

*Pet Connections - You can have a separate reading if preferred.  
Connect with pets who have passed, info on living pets as well.  

Past Life Regression - Helping you to discover who you were.  
Many questions can be answered about this life by learning about
your past.  (Unexplained fears/attractions & even birth marks)

*Meet Your Guide(s) - Helping you to find & connect with your
own Spirit Guide(s)

Handwriting Analysis - See Instructions & Info Below

All Readings are audio recorded for you

If you are going to be late for your appointment, please call the office.  If
you need to reschedule, we require a 24 hour notice.  15 mins late, or No
call/No show will result in loss of deposit.
Forms of payment:
Credit/Debit/Paypal - Check (10 days prior to reading) to:
Lisa Lanno - 16 Miller Ave. South Hadley, MA 01075
(Also address for So. Hadley, MA location)
Cash or CC- Day of reading

Online Purchases
Click the "Buy Now" button.  Quantity can be changed & updated.
Gift Certificates:  Choose the reading you want & purchase
(Gift Certificates are Non-Refundable.  They are transferable.  
Private & Semi-Private-$20                     Balance-Priv-$110
                                                           Balance-1/2 hr-$60

Readings-One-Half Hour - $80
Readings-Pay In Full - ONE HOUR
For Phone/Skype Readings Only
Private: One Person   -   $130

Semi-Private: 2 People - $145

Semi-Private: 3 People - $170                

For a party of 4 - please select the 1 1/2 hour reading. There is simply not
enough time in an hour to get to the needs of   everyone.  Thank you.

Readings-Pay In Full - ONE & ONE HALF HOUR
Phone, Skype & Gift Certificates Readings Only

Private: One Person   -   $170

Semi-Private: 2 People - $195

Semi-Private: 3 People - $225

Semi-Private: 4 People - $240*

Semi-Private Readings are a "time-share".  You are together for the reading.
*Family groups ONLY.  If you wish to connect with the same people, this
will work.  If everyone wants individual readings, one-hour is simply not
enough time.
Email Readings - Intuitive Tarot or Handwriting
Card Images Included
 More Info About Tarot

Simply ask your question.  Results will be emailed back to you        
with images of each card.
**I may use a Rune as well for extra advice!**

Full Tarot  - 11 Card Minimum with clarifier(s) if needed
This may encompass more than one aspect of your life, your             
concerns, or, detail about one aspect of your life.

One Question Mini - 4 Card Minimum with clarifier(s) if needed
One aspect of your life with one question.
Ex: "Will this new job work out?"  "Will I sell my home soon?"
"Is this new guy/gal good for me?"  
(One question please)

Full Tarot Reading  -  $90

One Question Tarot - $50
"One question" can encompass quite a bit & give you much info!  

Handwriting Analysis
Instructions:  Please write/print (the way you usually do) a full    
paragraph, on UNLINED paper and sign your name. Include the
pronoun, "I", three times.  What you write does not matter. Scan or
send via mail to:  16 Miller Ave, South Hadley, MA  01075.

Sending samples for someone else:  If you cannot get a full sample,
you  can send me what you have.  Writing inside a card, note, etc, on
unlined paper is best.  Do
not include business charts.

You will receive a full analysis back via email.  
Full Analysis - $65

Mini Analysis - $45
Other Amount
To type in your own amount, please click the
"Sun" Tarot Card, on the right.
A deposit of $20 is required to secure an appointment.