Lisa M Lanno
Intuitive Spirit Medium
Fox CT - Medium Mondays
With a few of the wonderful Hosts & Guests I meet each week!
Erika & Sophie                     Interview with Al Terzi           With a Medium       
First "in-studio" guest!                                                      Monday Guest    Aug,
In memory of Amanda Plasse - Chicopee, MA
Americas Most Wanted
Justice for Amanda
Taken from the world
in August of 2011 by
a cold blooded killer
who is still at large
Fox Medium Mondays         Maximum Capacity, Gallery     Majestic Theater
with Mom and Sister            Event, 2012                             Gallery Event,
Mass Appeal
Radio Shows
Mass Appeal-Oct, 2012
Live, on-air Spirit Connection
reading (R)
Being silly w/Ashley Kohl &
Kristi (L)
Mix 93.1 FM, Springfield, MA  - 2012
Live, On-Air Reads
WCCC Hartford, The Rock 106.9 (left & middle)
WAQY Springfield, Rock 102.1 (right)
Gallery Events
Just a few photos of the variety of events that are so much fun!
Salem, MA - Always a great time at the Griffen Theater-Gallows Hill
"My old stomping ground!"
A FULL house at the Meriden Humane                Always fun at Phoenix Stage         
Society FUNDRAISER                                        in Naugatuck, CT        
First time at City Stage with friend & co-investigator, Wayne (L) - Readings on
stage (R) - 3rd appearance sometime in late 2013 or early 2014
Going over "ghostly evidence" with Dana
sure I get there safely.  We all
know I can't see for beans!