I have never been a "fan" of testimonials.  Anyone can write a blurb, put a name
to it and post it as a Testimonial.

No.  I won't do that.  These are real people (as are my references) with names &
faces, mainly from Facebook, Messenger, etc.  Of course, for privacy reasons,
last names and children have been "blacked" out unless I have permission from

Here are a few to start
Click on Image to enlarge
Young woman lost baby
(permission to use name)
Reading helped
Simply enjoyed
MORE to COME .....
Positive Vibes!
Yes! to Spirit Guide
Prediction, cont.
Helped thru death of husband.
Found Love of her Life
"Real Deal"
A Happy Client!
All the way from Mexico!
Animal Fundraiser!
1 day b4 my bday