Lisa's Work

Lisa works as an Intuitive Spirit Medium &
Paranormal Researcher
Handwriting Analyst, Author

I was born in Boston MA to first generation Italian parents. I've dabbled in the Paranormal field since my
teens, although my abilities as a Spirit Medium did not surface until after age 50.

As a late teen, I would "tell" friends what their homes looked like
without ever being there, not realizing I was utilizing an ability
called "Remote Viewing". I'd also read Tarot cards for
friends and later, the friends of my children.

I have the
Gift of being able to speak with those who have passed
(including pets) & receive messages from the “Other Side”
This ability came on suddenly due to the tragic death of my oldest
daughter's dear friend.

I can see, hear, feel, smell and sense on a psychic level,
giving people the validations they need to then receive the
messages.  Animals do communicate, and although they don’t
actually speak, I can sense what they are trying to say.
It's like hearing from a deceased person who only speaks German.  I may not understand, but I HEAR the
words in English

Missing & Murdered  

I work with families/authorities on behalf of the missing & murdered.  
I NEVER call a family - If they want, they will call me.  I respect their privacy.


I conduct classes (very reasonable) to help others tap into their own abilities.  Everything from Auras to
Tarot (& Tarot Certification).
I am also trained in motivational speaking & would like to help
people, young & old alike, to "never give up" on dreams.
Becoming a Psychic

"My parents were born at the turn of the century, yet understanding & open-minded.  However, they
would've had
no idea how to guide me in this field.  I'm happy my abilities didn't fully emerge until later.

I grew up in Revere, MA (Boston-Near Salem).  My families are from Puglia (Near Naples) & Tuscany, Italy.
Moved to Hawaii for a time with my late husband, Frank & have 3 wonderful children.  Girl/boy/girl,
respectively. (No,we were not military)

I now have three precious grandsons (as of January, 2020).
I have a passion for animals.  I have always had dogs and cats & work with
Fund Raising animal rescues of all kinds and much more. FUND RAISING can be for an organization OR even
an individual. (Ex: A single mom w/an 11 yr old child w/cancer...She had little help, another child and a car
that bit the dust.  The Fund Raiser helped her totally fix her car & more!

Some people are activists & work to change laws; others adopt many pets/kids, while some volunteer
time.  My "job" is to raise money through
my given abilities.  We can all help.

Side A of Lisa
: I am a "homebody" and enjoy cooking & cleaning. I value time with my family & love making
big Italian Holiday meals! Ancient History, (especially Viking) & museums, along with other cultures fascinate
me. I write, though I don't like to read!  Two, TOTALLY different books are published.  One is a children's
Juvenile Fiction *8 to 12 yrs).  The other is for us "grown ups".  
See: The Secret Cave - Juvenile Fiction, ages 6-12
Dial Me Naked, For the adults

Side B of Lisa
: The "Heavy Metal Medium". I'm known for being very much into music and despite being
born when we wrote on stone tablets, I love  Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Rock, Goth Metal & 80's Hair
Bands, to name a few. It's WAY more than "noise" & many songs have deep, interesting meanings, as well
as much talent.

"A Quitter Never Wins & a Winner Never Quits"
Despite being the odd one as a youngster, seriously bullied, etc., shouldn't stop you from achieving your
dreams. I will thank my wonderful parents for ALL their love & Understanding
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