Lisa Lanno - International Psychic Spirit Medium
Paranormal Researcher - GONE Paranormal
Your Readings

I have no "rules".  You can have whatever type of reading you'd like or a combination, depending on the time we have.  
You may wish to connect with Spirit friends/relatives/pets who have passed away.
You may also want to know something about your future, direction, etc.
You may want your handwriting analyzed, along with your significant other - to see if there could be ways to improve the
relationship...or...if he/she isn't being honest about something!  The same goes for someone you want to hire.

For connecting with your Spirit Guide, ,Past Life Regression & Past Life Trauma, Auras & Healing & more, I have classes.

Keep an eye open for SPECIALS, which run often!
Events & Fund Raising

If you have a large group/gathering, or would like to hold a "Messages" Event  at your place of business, Restaurant,
Organization - Please Email me at:

If any of these are Fund Raising Events, please be specific.  An animal Rescue, Family w/a disaster, Sick child, Veterans,
This is not for personal gain...we all have issues paying our bills, including me.

Below are the most common readings
May be recorded

One-Half & One Hour Readings

One-Half Hour - Private Only, Video or Phone
One-Hour Private - Just for you!
One-Hour Semi Private for 2 - For you & someone else.  A "time-share".
One-Hour Semi Private for 3 - Best for family members wanting basically the same thing.
More than three?  A small Group Reading is in order.

One & One Half Hour (90 mins)
For One - For Two, For Three & Small Groups
Dep - $20
One/Half Hr Priv Only  
$130 - One Hr Priv  
One Hr - Semi Priv for 2
One Hr - Semi Priv for 3
Small Group 4 & 5 p/p
$60 p/p
Small Group 6-8
$50 p/p
Select you own amount
One Half Hr - One Hr
Readings & Small Groups
One & One  Half Hr
90 Min Private
90 Min Semi-Priv for 2
90 Min Semi-Priv for 3
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Public Figure
Lisa M Lanno & GONE Paranormal
666 are the first letters of my
US drivers license!
**The time my first child was born and on
the Summer Solstice!
See Below for more Reading Options
SPECIAL - During this
world-wide health crisis
Video Reading

A Personal guided journey to
find your Guide. I'll help you as
together, we find him/her

FBMessenger, Skype, FaceTime
30-45 minutes
Want to meet YOUR Guide? (Below right). One-on-one Personal Reading at a special rate.
Message me on FB Messenger, or Emai
l Email - Subj: Guide
During these difficult times, I'd like to give a $20 off discount.
15 minutes is always added for questions at no charge. However, for those who watch the Live-Streams, 15 minutes more added
Exceptions: 1/2 hr reads, Spirit Guide reads
Why don't I just "Tell" you who your Guide is or "What" your past life was?  Because it has to resonate with YOU.  I'll
take the journey WITH you on a simple guided meditation.  I usually see what you see & can ask questions if you get
stuck.  Ex: Is he wearing suspenders?  Or, Do you smell the ocean? You can believe it because YOU SEE IT.  
No trances or anything strange, lol.