Lisa Lanno - International Psychic Spirit Medium
Paranormal Researcher - GONE Paranormal

Rules? Nope! It's whatever you want. You don't have to "choose"
one type of reading or another.
Whatever you wish, time permitting  

Connections with Spirit friends/relatives/pets who have passed away
Tarot & Psychic Readings (Your Life Path)
Past Lives, Spirit Guides

Handwriting Analysis - Learn EVERYTHING about you or SOMEONE ELSE! (This reveals a lot!

One-on-one Mentoring Classes
Events & Fund Raising

"Messages From the Other Side" Event  at your place of business, Restaurant, Organization  
Message or
Call: 413-657-4290 (+1 USA Code) Or, Email me at:

If interested, please be specific.  Animal Rescue/Shelter, Food Pantry/Human Shelter,
Family w/a disaster, ILLNESS (Un-forseen medical bills.  Need wheelchair/ramp, WIG/Cancer victim, etc.  
Funerals, Grave Stones, Veterans, etc.

I CAN do VIDEO FUNDRAISERS until Covid is over!
Dep - $20
$130 - One Hr Priv  
One Hr - Semi Priv for 2
Small Group 4 & 5
$60 p/p
90 Min Private
90 Min Semi-Priv for 2
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Lisa M Lanno & GONE Paranormal
Lisa Lanno (Private/friend request)



Telegram: ParanormalQueen1

Twitch: ParanormalQueen1

FB Messenger: Lisa Lanno
Text: 413-657-4290  (+1 USA Code)

Venmo: @Lisa-Lanno - Preferred
Cash App: LisaLanno666

Your Readings
Your Readings
You will be messaged/emailed info beforehand as to "what to expect".
This saves time & we can get straight to our reading.

Please allow an extra 15 minutes at no charge, for questions (One Hour or More).

Messages from the Other Side - Connection with Spirit Family/Friends/Pets who have passed away.
Validations - SO IMPORTANT.  I need to tell you things that I'd have NO WAY of knowing, before delivering the
messages. You may ask for more than one person. Never be surprised if someone else wishes to "drop by"
and say hello!

Future/Life Path Readings - I may or may not use Tarot Cards, but I'll "read" you and/or the situation first,
THEN throw down cards.  One never knows what extra surprises there might be!
If you do not want to use Cards, just say prob.
Psychic & Mediumship Readings  One, or a combo.

Connect w/deceased loved ones/including pets. Who are they with?
Who met them? etc.

Want to know something about your life path? Love, family, career, etc.?

Delve into a past life or meet your Spirit Guide

1/2 hr Mini - Tarot Only

Paypal -

Venmo -

Cash App - @LisaLanno666

Readings via Video must be paid 24 hours before
reading time.  TY

Inst: GONEparanormal666
Inst: MediumLisaLanno1111
TikTok - ParanormalQueen1
Keep Scrolling! NEW, by request...
Your personal 1to 2 Tarot Card reading.  Send me the question & I'll send you back the
answer in a 15 minute video.  ONLY $25!
TY for all the requests for a ONE/TWO personal Tarot Card Read. Let's make that happen.

Email me your question (one).               I will use my abilities to answer & send you back a 15 min video
w/answers & the card(s) I get.  ONLY $25 USD